Rowena Mabbott


Rowena is a Life and Loss Coach, writer, speaker and consultant with an extensive background in Human Resources and psychology. She is a straight-talking, lovingly practical, mother to three boys; two living and one angel. Rowena works with mothers who have experienced unwanted change; supporting them to help determine their next steps and confidently live their best life; a life full of joy, hope and love. Rowena also provides coaching and consultancy services for HR managers, businesses and organisations.


Life, Spirituality, Career, Health and Wellness


Sydney, Australia


Rowena works with women who have experienced unwanted change or great tragedy, yet are braver, stronger and more driven as a result. Women who choose to turn their upset into a set-up; who choose to turn struggles into strengths. Women who want a road map for their future life; a life lived with confidence, meaning and purpose. A life that leaves a legacy and is full of joy, hope and love.


"Coaching with Rowena really put my life in perspective. The clarity gained has given me a sense of purpose, in the short term and assisting me to align my life where I want to leave my legacy on earth. Now I am not afraid of dreaming big; I’m on my way to fulfilling my inner calling." – Mona

"Rowena has so much empathy for people, particularly those who have had significant grief impact their lives. Working with her was enlightening, affirming and confidence-building. If you are seeking a coach to help support you through a major transition or change, or to help you feel happier and more confident, I would definitely recommend her." - Anna


I am passionate about supporting people turn their upset into a setup. To help them see the opportunities that can come from significant unwanted change. Supporting them to live a purposeful and meaningful life. A life they unapologetically love; a life full of joy, hope and love.

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