Rhiannon Colarossi


Rhiannon is a life and wellbeing coach for Mums. She loves inspiring mums to nurture their everyday wellbeing. Rhiannon founded The Wellbeing Web after spending 10 years in education. During her time as a teacher and School Wellbeing Leader, she saw the direct impact a Mums wellbeing had on the child’s learning and happiness in the classroom

Becoming a Mum, she realised that Mums need practical, time-savvy ways to look after themselves. Rhiannon loves to speak, coach and run events and workshops that inspire mums to nurture themselves everyday.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships


Mums are a child’s first role model.  When Mums nurture their everyday wellbeing they create a beautiful ripple effect.  Leading a wellbeing-filled life is such a precious gift – a wonderful legacy!  Mums change the world and those who nurture their everyday wellbeing inspire their children to live life the wellbeing way. 


Melbourne, Australia


Mums who are ready to invest in themselves and be the best Mum they can be. Mums who are ready to nurture their everyday wellbeing and want to feel more energetic, present and peaceful. Mums who want to raise resilient, happy, wellbeing-savvy children whilst running a household and being deeply connected to their loved ones.


Working with Rhiannon over the past three months has been greatly beneficial.  I have learnt how to set and stick to my goals and if I ever find myself off track I know how to bring myself back.  I've noticed a big change from our first session and plan to continue using the tools she has taught me.  Rachel Cahn

Rhiannon used her insights, gifts and knowledge to lead and challenge me to know myself better.  Not only have I gained practical tools for positive thinking, I have become more aware of ways I can feel more loving and compassionate towards myself and others.  Katrina Bourke

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