Pippa Parfait

Pippa Parfait


Pippa is determined to be Parfait by name and not by nature - given that ‘parfait’ means ‘perfect’ in French! Founder of Parfait not Perfect, Pippa is a Certified Life + Courageous Living Coach, writer, speaker and seeker of a life lived with courage, intuition and authenticity. As a perfectionist-in-recovery, she works passionately, with a decent dose of cursing and a shit-ton of humour, to help women make friends with their inner bitch, tap into their well-buried intuition and find their courage and confidence - the type that people who really believe in themselves have.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Career, Creativity


Life is messy, life is amazing, life is ugly snot-crying when you’re sad and peeing your pants laughing when you’re happy, but the one thing it most certainly is NOT, is perfect. I can help you find the courage to live the life you have always dreamed of by embracing the wonderfully imperfect you!


Bristol, United Kingdom


Pippa works with successful, professional women who are incredibly tough on themselves, tired of the endless pursuit of perfection and just want to be happy with their life right now and not someday. It doesn't matter how crazily successful and confident other people think they are, in their own head they’ll never be ‘good enough’ – their inner bitch is well and truly in the driving seat.


Something about the way Pippa first spoke to me, I felt like she really heard and understood me. She blew my expectations out of the water - my coaching series has changed my life. I know what I want, I see self-sabotage and let it go, I’ve gained confidence, started a new business and become a better, more patient mother. - Cheryl Woodhouse

Pippa is amazing at helping you discover and understand things about yourself and in such a natural and positive way. I felt inspired and so motivated and ready to achieve my goals. Pippa helped me to dig deep and find out what I was looking for and where my life and business were heading. - Louise Ennis

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