Pat Romain


Pat Romain is an Empowerment and Leadership coach, writer and speaker. For the past 7 years she has helped hundreds of career women and business owners across the globe go from idea to a solid feel-good plan. Pat is passionate about helping women uncover their mission and thrive as leaders. She holds space for women to achieve success by banishing beliefs of self doubt and help them uncover their inner compass so that they create a beautiful life, career and businesses by trusting who they are.


Life, Spirituality, Career, Business and Blogging, Relationships


Montreal, Canada


Pat works with women who are feeling overwhelmed and uninspired in their lives, career or business. Her clients are ambitious and busy career or business women who want to unleash their `Why` into their work. They want to use their voice, ideas and know that they can make a positive impact in the world through a meaningful career or business. She helps women create a feel good plan of action.


I was nervous as I was looking way too far into the future and was feeling overwhelmed. After coaching with Pat I felt empowered to move forward. Pat held the space that I needed for me to be really raw with my ideas and what they were, to look at what wasn’t working and where I wanted to go with my future - Courtney Moran

While working with Pat I was able to take my business from an idea to a concept. She patiently brainstormed idea that were easily implemented with her help. Pat’s easy personality allowed me to feel at ease while building a a business and raising a young family. - Heather Chauvin


I believe that you can change your life, your community and your world by being your own advocate. You can create your own path to success by leading with love and authenticity.

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