Natasha Tay

Natasha Tay


Natasha is an intuitive, soul-led life and wellness coach. Drawing from years of personal experience on her own health journey and as a yoga teacher, she shares the transformative power of self-awareness with others through her coaching, classes, workshops and retreats. Whether her clients have a calling to upgrade their self-care, be healthier, more confident and/or fulfil a long held dream, Natasha creates a safe space and empowers her clients to look inwards, to know themselves on a deeper level and follow their hearts to create a fulfilling life they love.


Life, Spirituality, Health, Wellness and Self-Care


Perth, Australia


Natasha supports the dreamers, the soul-seekers and the brave women who want to put themselves first and answer the call felt deep within. They are committed to living from their heart and are finally ready to do what it takes, be it taking action, facing fears, letting go of limits or stepping out of their comfort zone in order to be their best, create a life they love and achieve their long held dreams.


Coaching with Natasha was inspiring, supportive and limit-busting! She made me feel safe to open up and was very present in our sessions. I felt she was 100% behind me. I wasn’t sure how much I could achieve in 3 months but was blown away with the support I received, the personal changes made and my business achievements. - E. Waters

It was eye opening to learn so much about myself while working towards my goals. Beforehand I was very overwhelmed and over loaded. I gained some great tools through coaching with Natasha, I’m feeling better within myself, have more confidence and reaching my goals has made my life so much easier and joyful. - J. Vandenhurk


Self-awareness is the key to change in all areas of our lives and world. You hold within you the answers you seek and the power to create your best life, if only you will have the courage to look within.

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