Murielle Marie


Murielle is dedicated to helping multi-passionate and ambitious women overcome what stops them from achieving their goals. With a strong focus on action-taking, women empowerment and sisterhood, she has a particular interest for helping women move through fear, and a strong belief in the benefits of self-love, and putting yourself first. Helping women thrive as feminine leaders is very important to Murielle. That’s why she helps women to reclaim their sisterhood bonds with one another, and to trade in competition and jealousy for collaboration, friendship, support and love.


Life, Business


You deserve to do what you really want to do… being who you're really meant to be. There’s a beautiful life waiting for you beyond perfection, procrastination, and fear.


Sofia, Bulgaria


Murielle loves to work with women who are ambitious and multi-passionate, but struggle with overwhelm, insecurities, self-esteem issues, lack of boundaries, perfectionism and procrastination. She helps them transform their limiting beliefs, and raise their confidence, so they can get into action and achieve their life and career or business dreams.


“She’s a natural leader, transforming lives not only through her coaching and programs, but through her powerful presence which inspires everyone around her.” - Ewa Lewandowska

“Thanks to Murielle’s coaching, I feel much more confident and empowered as a person. My decision to make this huge life change feels completely right, and I really have not doubted it at all – which is a huge change from my typical mentality.” - Ilyssa Plumer

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