Michelle Robb


Michelle Robb is a Life and Career Coach, writer and speaker who is passionate about helping women create a life and career that they love! She loves helping women discover their inner strengths, believe in themselves, and confidently promote their amazing value to the world. With over 18 years experience in corporate leadership within large organisations, Michelle has coached and mentored hundreds of women to success. Michelle believes in embracing your uniqueness, making brave choices and in following your heart. Always.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Mindset, Career


Advanced Diploma in Management


Sydney, Australia


Michelle works with women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or lost in their life or career. They want to be doing what they love and know they deserve more, but don’t know what that is yet or how to get there. She helps her clients to find their purpose, discover their strengths and value, clear the limiting beliefs holding them back, and create an action plan to help them achieve their goals.


"I was ready to make some positive changes with my career, love and money but I was unsure how to move forward with them. Michelle was a great listener, cheerleader and had lots of experience and techniques to share. I'm feeling more positive and happy!" - Yvette

"Michelle was so supportive, flexible and always there for me during the sessions. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I always looked forward to the sessions. I want to thank Michelle for always being so positive, encouraging and insightful throughout the coaching experience." - Cristen

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