Michelle Marie McGrath


Michelle Marie McGrath is a Self-love Mentor, passionate about supporting women to focus on the only guaranteed long-term relationship they will ever have - the one with themselves. Michelle transformed her own life from the inside-out, after committing to 100% self-love in 2003.

With her strong intuition and sense of humour, Michelle brings a wide range of holistic experience and no bs approach to her work. She works with women who decidedly or not, probably won’t be mothers in the traditional sense, but who are ready and excited to birth the most empowered versions of themselves. Michelle believes each woman’s life is equally sacred.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships, Creativity


“I am passionate about reminding you that all the love and answers you are seeking are within you. I want to live in a world that honours every woman’s life, experience and choices equally, regardless of whether or not she is a Mother. I want to help you dream bigger and bolder than ever before and then create a plan to bring your dream to life. I believe 100% that each woman has a special gift to contribute, that is unique to them. Witnessing this unfold brings me so much joy and gratitude.”


Cornwall, England


Michelle works with amazing women who are here to break the traditional paradigms of our society and are ready to create a heart-driven, joy-fuelled life that is not defined by the role of Motherhood. Michelle’s clients know they can only change the world by changing how they feel about themselves and by envisioning and creating their own sacred path, beyond rigid categories and stereotypes.


“Working with Michelle is transformative. Her insight and compassion allow me to shine a light on aspects of myself with ease and grace, providing opportunity for me to look at things with new eyes. Michelle's style is so warm and natural, and her unconditional support and belief in my ability to effect change, propels me forward.” - Theresa Poole

“Michelle has a gentleness and wisdom which cuts to the heart of the matter while at the same time she makes you feel totally supported and loved throughout a journey of self discovery. I was sitting in a holding pattern of procrastination, not sure how to reconnect with myself or where to set my life’s direction. With Michelle’s guidance I now have a plan of action and a direction for my future that now not only seems a possibility but a “done deal”. - Belinda Carpenter

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