Micala Duvoux


Micala is a heart-centred entrepreneur and life coach. She's passionate about living a joy filled, meaningful life of freedom and growth, and empowering others to do the same.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Career, Relationships, Creativity


When we're in tune with our values, our strengths and our uniqueness, we are happier. I believe when we listen to our inner voice, our soul compass, and live our life guided by it, everything gets truly wonderful.


Figueres, Spain


Micala's soulful yet strong coaching style helps exhausted, overwhelmed women discover their soul compass, gift themselves with self-compassion and release limiting beliefs and fears to find flow, ease, happiness, intention and clarity.


"I started working with Micala when my work life was in complete transition. I needed some inner peace and to live more in the present moment. Micala is a fantastic coach - she was kind, encouraging and had utter faith in me. I'm calmer and more present and I'm setting boundaries so I can listen to myself instead of others." - Dorothée Westeel-Denise

"My coaching series with Micala went way beyond my expectations. I needed help getting organised, sticking to my goals and increasing my income. I achieved all that but I've also become kinder to myself and more mindful. This has impacted my health, self worth and inner calm. In a word: life changing." - Catherine Bryant

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