Melanie Wheatley

Melanie Wheatley


Melanie is a multi-passionate coach and a self-confessed recovered stress addict. She is dedicated to helping women get out of their own way so that they can reach their own zones of genius. Melanie works with strong bold women who need help in creating an action plan so they can project forward and live the life they want. Her coaching is all about freeing mindset blocks, boosting confidence and gaining clarity to get real results.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Career


Every woman deserves to know what they want and have the confidence and belief to go out and get it. We only get one shot at this life so don't waste time holding a space because its comfortable, do something frightening, be brave, be bold and create the life you want.


Gold Coast, Australia


Melanie works with career driven women who to the rest of the world seem strong and confident. Deep down these women have confidence and mindset blocks that have stopped them achieving their goals in the past. They are high achievers who know they are capable of more but so unsure as to how to get there. Working with Melanie is a pleasant surprise for them when they realise that their dreams are achievable.


I’ve become 1000x more confident in myself and my business and I have given myself the permission to start blazing my own trail instead of following other professionals. - Rhiannon

Melanie is straightforward, motivating and moved me in action on a goal that I had previously been procrastinating on. I’ve had some major mindset shifts and some clear realizations about how my patterns hold me back. I am definitely in a different place then when I started – and it’s a great place! - Jaclynn Richelle

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