Lyn Myers

Lyn Myers


Lyn is a Lifestyle Coach that guides first-time mothers to become embodied women and up level their self-worthiness so they can show unconditional love to their children - but more importantly - themselves. She supports women to heal the wounded child within to release their insecurities or negative self-talk and become a more loveable, happier and peaceful mother.


Life, Relationships


Sydney, Australia


Lyn supports first-time mothers who seek to raise emotionally intelligent children however are stuck in believing that they are not enough. Lyn's clients are ready to master their inner critic, heal childhood hurts and see the past with love and understanding in their hearts.


Lyn helped me achieve things that I wouldn’t have had the guts to do or would have made excuses. Those visions and goals that I wanted to achieve seemed WAY too big and overwhelming for me. Those goals were broken down into baby steps and rather than feeling scared, stressed and overwhelmed I felt like I had more clarity and that I could achieve amazing things. - Tegan Skinner

Lyn's thoughtful approach mixed with her actionable knowledge of how to live a more fulfilling, happy and stylish life makes her a great fit for you if you want to take big steps toward the life you dream about. - Christine Rose Elle


Your values are innate in your soul. To teach love, you must become love.

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