Louise Ennis

Louise Ennis


Louise is a Self Discovery Coach and Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, speaker and also a cancer survivor. Since recovering from cancer herself in 2008 Louise began to realise that she could use her own experience of cancer and turn it into something positive to help and guide other survivors of cancer, life changing illnesses and events through this overwhelming time. Using her coaching skills and sometimes with a combination of hypnotherapy as well Louise guides her clients through the transition period and helps them to rediscover themselves and revamp their lives and careers.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Career, Creativity


So you’ve survived cancer, a life changing illness or event and now you’re wondering what happens next? Am I just supposed to pick myself up, dust myself off and carry on? This is where I come in; I’m passionate about guiding people through the transition period back to a new life and a new them.


Rhos On Sea, United Kingdom


Louise guides her clients through their transition back to a new life and a new them. Realising that life is too short not to live it wholly and fully, her coaching helps these amazing women revamp their careers and lives. Guiding them from where they are to where their heart and soul truly lies and reignite the fire within their souls and leave behind feelings of loss, loneliness and anxiety.


"Louise was a joy to work with in my coaching series and I absolutely nailed my coaching goals. I was nervous initially as we were digging in deep, but Louise always put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and able to share anything. She has a knack for seeing what you really mean and helped me overcome overwhelm by helping me break things down and focus on one step at a time." - Pippa Parfait

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