Lisa Kate Miller


Lisa is a business coach, business owner, digital strategist and speaker who loves helping mothers create businesses shaped by their own passions and purpose. After helping large companies harness the web for over 10 years she left the corporate world to create her own online business while raising two kids.

In just four years Lisa’s business grew into a successful enterprise that she sold in order to follow her love of coaching.Lisa knows how hard it is to start your own business and is passionate about eliminating the barriers to women interested in taking the leap.


Business and Blogging


Sydney, Australia


Lisa works with mothers who are passionate about their ideas but are unsure about which step to take next. Having experienced the roller coaster ride of successful entrepreneurship firsthand Lisa confidently guides her clients through the maze of decisions that confront women who are looking to start or grow a business while raising a family. Her approach is practical, sustainable and supportive.


“When you enter the world of business, you can easily feel isolated and get hung up on what other people are doing. Lisa has empowered me to go on when I've felt like it was all too much, & given me clear, practical & exceptionally savvy insights which helped me turn my blog into a successful online business.” - Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

“I wanted to work with Lisa as I knew she had built a successful business herself, but I was also impressed with her warm & down to earth approach. I also wanted her guidance on juggling motherhood & starting a business, as I was expecting my first baby. From Lisa I learned the power of business planning.” - Natsai Mutema


There’s a fear that keeps us from voicing our biggest ideas. But releasing them into the world is the only way to see them flourish and grow. I wish someone had been there to help me release my first big idea, it would have saved a lot of time and heartache.

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