Libby Thompson


Libby is a registered psychologist and certified life coach with more than 13 years experience. She is also an experienced manager of people and resources, and has 8 years experience as an Officer in the Australian Army.

Libby is passionate about facilitating growth and change. She loves nothing better than to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. Libby is interested in coaching, public speaking and group facilitation.


Life, Career


Cowes, Australia


Libby works with people who are ready for the next phase in their lives. Libby’s clients want to transition to a life that is more meaningful, connected, heart centred and more in line with their personal values. They are passionate, busy and full of wonderful ideas but are struggling to get into action.

Some of her clients are wanting to improve their leadership skills, and some are wanting to transition to a different career or lifestlyle that is more meaningful for them but are having trouble making the transition while still meeting their existing commitments.


"I loved working with Libby.  She is relaxed, confident, determined and wise, and has years of psychology and life experience to draw from.  Libby will effortlessly encourage, support, motivate and inspire you." Sharon Taylor

“Libby has brought me clarity, direction, and an even deeper level of connection to achieve my goals.  Gaining that clarity has completely fulfilled my dreams.  Thank you Libby for your support, guidance, and awesome insights." Nicole Salmon


No matter what the world throws at you, it’s my heartfelt belief that absolutely everyone has the capacity to shine brightly and live a meaningful and rewarding life.  You have the right to live the life you dream of and I can’t wait to help you along the road to being all that you can be.

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