Laura Banks


A life coach, speaker and workshop facilitator, Laura believes that living, loving and leading from a place of truth is the ultimate form of self-expression and the key to living our best and most fulfilling life. If you have woken up one day and thought “How did I end up here?” or you’re frustrated because you've got a vision for the future that you just can’t seem to make happen, Laura will guide you through the super-powerful equation of clarity + consistent action to help you get clear on what you want and take action to make it happen.


Life, Business and Blogging, Young People, Creativity


Hobart, Australia


Laura works with women (and gents too, if they’re keen) who are ready to uncover and (re)connect with who they are and what they want. To finally throw off the expectations of showing up every day living a life they think they should be living, rather than the life they dream about living. To get clarity on their vision + goals, then make it happen.


“Laura is positive, genuine and enthusiastic. She made me feel so comfortable with her wonderfully warm and caring nature, but don’t be fooled – she is also a total boss when it comes to holding you accountable! She has a beautifully unique way of lovingly steering you away from your BS and whipping you into action. By the end of our time together, I felt an enormous sense of freedom and a massive boost to my self-confidence.” - Jacky Taylor

“I absolutely loved my coaching series with Laura and got so much out of it for both my life and business. In her quiet, but real and caring way, Laura helped me get crystal clear on my big picture vision for both my business and my life. She filled our sessions with celebration, love, support and encouragement; seeing myself set and achieve tasks and acknowledge my current achievements. Having Laura as my coach and cheerleader is one of the best decisions I've made and will be one of yours too.” - Amy MacKenzie


I’m here to help you step up and shine. To discover and live a life that inspires you, fulfils you and gives you that fizzyheart feeling. To help you make that vision that’s burning inside of you your reality.

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