Johanna Parker

Johanna Parker


Johanna is a heart-centered life coach, an international speaker, a positivity-junkie and the founder of her true passion and life work, Heart Sparks.

With a background in counselling, social work and personal development alongside coaching, Johanna has worked for over ten years with with hundreds of individuals across not-for-profit, local Government, community and educational settings to build their self-confidence, celebrate their uniqueness, reconnect with their true selves and bravely chase their dreams with unashamed authenticity and an unwavering sense of self.


Life, Career, Young People (18-28)


I believe with every ounce of my being that you are capable of anything you want in life when you are no-one but yourself.  It is my dream to support you to embrace your uniqueness and create the most incredible life for yourself - the one that you truly deserve.


Melbourne, Australia


Johanna works with women who are looking for more - more time for themselves, more self-love, more confidence, more energy, more direction, more momentum, more links with their passions and more happiness.

Women who have been doubting themselves, struggling with motivation, feeling stuck and wondering if this is as good it gets; who are ready to challenge themselves, learn to fully embrace themselves and begin an inspiring new journey.


Working with Jo has improved my motivation, increased my self-confidence and changed my overall outlook on life.  The way she works with people is incredibly unique and inspiring.   Tamielle Brunt

Jo has a way of asking the right questions to get the right answers.  She has a warmth that makes you feel incredibly comfortable in her presence.  Brooke Wilson

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