Jenny Orenstein


Jenny is an intuitive life coach, kinesiologist, reiki and theta healer with a background in counselling. It's her heartfelt mission to support young woman to turn towards themselves with self-love and compassion to become their own best friend as they learn to embrace their lives wholeheartedly.

At thirty years old, Jenny has walked through some of the fiercest fires imaginable. She has survived anorexia, depression, thyroid cancer, divorce, left unfulfilling careers, and has reinvented herself, completely – many times over. Today, she stands for one message: “You can survive anything. You can be anything. It’s never too late to start over.”


Life, Spirituality, Young People, Creativity


Sydney, Australia


Jenny’s clients are young women who are disconnected from themselves, and yearning for greater meaning. They are often their own worst enemies and have had wake up calls such as a health scare or relationship breakup. Jenny helps her clients build a loving relationship with themselves through self-compassion, and by combining her coaching with kinesiology, reiki and theta healing, she helps them let go of blocks which are stopping them from finding greater joy and purpose.


“Jenny is an absolute inspiration. She has helped me to reconnect with myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her work has helped me in more ways than words can express.” - M Dudly

“Jen has this beautiful way of putting me at ease and holding space for me to see the most amazing possibilities for myself with her right beside me willing to help me every step of the way! She is such a beautiful intuitive life coach that brings light and heartfelt transformation for her clients.” - Jo Kendall


Learning to build a loving and nurturing relationship with ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the world.

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