Jarka Kunova

Jarka Kunova


Jarka is a transformational life and business coach, business mentor, writer and speaker. Known for her capacity to inspire, encourage and deeply connect, Jarka takes people and businesses to the core of their purpose and supports them with the formulation of meaningful strategies. Her mission is to help people overcome limiting beliefs and to weave more kindness, mindfulness and wholeheartedness into businesses and careers alike. Jarka brings a straight forward approach to her sessions combined with strong business acumen from 15+ years in the corporate world.


Life, Career, Business


I believe we are ultimately looking for purpose in everything we do. This involves creating more of what feels good as we go about life one decision at a time.


Sydney, Australia


Jarka works with multi-passionate women and men who are seeking serious sustainable change in their careers, businesses and lives. Her clients are ready to take inspired action in pursuit of what they truly desire.


"If you need direction, grounding, or a starting point for change I encourage you to coach with Jarka. Her intuitive self and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life is inspiring. I have worked with Jarka in a number of capacities from website design, social media to goal setting strategies and branding. Jarka’s talent, experience and passion encompass both the creative and the corporate world." - Jane Dempster

"Coaching with Jarka helped me identify my purpose and goals, which were the driving force behind my next career move. Jarka is an authentic and inspiring coach, plus an absolute delight to be around. I highly recommend coaching with her to anyone looking to tap into their inner guide." - Emma Sharley

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