Heidi Rose


Heidi Rose is a Natural Lifestyle Coach & Therapist, who is wildly passionate about inspiring young women to let go of everything in their lives that’s holding them back so they can reconnect with their natural way of being and live a free-spirited life. Blending life coaching with natural therapies, including the Mind Detox Method, PSYCH-K and Flower Essences, she nurtures her clients to open their minds, eyes and hearts, shift their perspectives, see the connections between everything, and rediscover the beauty in themselves and the world around them.


Life, Spirituality, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Young People, Creativity


Sydney, Australia


Heidi loves to work with young women whose constant busyness, striving and need for approval is causing them to feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. She helps her clients let go of their worries, limiting beliefs and self-criticism so they can embrace life feeling balanced, vibrant, wild and free.


Coaching with Heidi was a truly magical experience. She offered love, encouragement and endless support as well as powerful strategies for shifting my mindset and behaviours. I learnt how to transform my relationship with my body to one of respect, joy and unconditional love. -Jae Schaefer

I have absolutely LOVED my coaching sessions with Heidi, her natural warm-hearted personality, knowledge and passion shines throughout her work. She always believed in me and showed support and guidance when I felt like giving up. So grateful for this experience as I’m now living a loving life rather than in fear and insecurities. -Rachael Galloway


Live a life that lights you up, not one you think you should.

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