Fleur Knowles


Fleur Knowles has a quiet but determined disposition in assisting people transform their lives from where they currently are, to where they want to be in the future. She believes in embracing life’s potential and expanding and evolving, rather than defining life by the past. Fleur is accomplished and has a genuine love and admiration for all people. She successfully focuses on her client’s values and what really matters to them. From there, strategies are put in place to develop her client's full potential which in turn improves their life effectiveness, engagement and satisfaction.


Spirituality, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Creativity


Perth, Australia


Fleur works with men and women 50+ who want change in their life and need support to do so. Reasons may be, to: • define life’s values and live to them, • have more self-acceptance and kindness towards themselves and others or • leave the past and embrace the future. Fleur already believes in you and in the power of coaching to assist you to achieve a fuller and more meaningful life.


“Fleur had such a wonderful, gentle way of keeping me on task and holding me accountable. I loved our coaching sessions together and always looked forward to them. I had complete trust in her and always felt that she listened to me without judgment and truly wanted to help me be my best.” Denny Nesbitt - Business Coach

“When Fleur and I met, I was trying to "find myself" I was a bit depressed, in the end I was happy and calm. With my newly found confidence and certainty, other relationships are stronger too. Fleur kept me accountable to the present and I made goals to move in the future. The resources Fleur provided me are extremely beneficial. Thank you Fleur, you've let me find my voice and helped me to open my eyes to a better brighter future! I would love to recommend Fleur to others.” Denise Clark – Entrepreneur


May we learn from the natural world, where a bird sweetly sings the sun to rise and a tree proudly produces its own fruit. May we too sing our own song and offer what only we can gift the world.

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