Felicity Watson


A personal brand and communications coach, Felicity has twenty years experience in marketing and public relations (PR) for much loved Australian and global brands. More recently she has studied as a life coach and image consultant. Felicity now works with women to create their stand out brand via in person and online marketing and PR.




Now is an amazing time to connect online and in the real world. In fact NOW is the perfect time to take your vision and make it happen.


Melbourne, Australia


Felicity works with female coaches and consultants to create a brand and profile that leads to more connection, collaboration and clients.


“Felicity is not afraid to challenge me and she's excellent at pointing out blind spots, asking questions and encouraging me to think about things I might not otherwise consider. She will listen without judgment, and is always full of ideas and resources. Felicity has been, and continues to be instrumental in guiding the decisions I make about my business and my personal brand. If you're contemplating working with Felicity, don't think about it, just do it!” Zara D’Cotta

“After years of talking relentlessly about having my own styling business, I have finally engaged a web designer/developer, I have a logo and a website. I truly believe this would not have happened without Felicity's support and guidance. Felicity is fantastic at breaking down goals/tasks/projects that once seemed very overwhelming and frightening into something that feels achievable and exciting.” Carlie Monasso

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