Eva Angel Diamond


For over a decade, Eva has been facilitating "living empowered" workshops and teaching at well being retreats across the world a selection of techniques and tools that support women to create powerful change within themselves and their lives. She is dedicated to help women listen to the voice that says, “I can,” turn fear around with a new mindset, and fall in love with life on their terms. Through her 1:1 and group coaching, workshops and retreats, Eva is inspiring women to find new ways to incorporate what they have learned and to embrace themselves as a woman who lives her life fully.


Life, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, Creativity


I believe women deserve to life a life of their own creation and to pay it forward by helping each other whenever we can. This is my service to you.


Auckland, New Zealand


Eva works with female entrepreneurs, conscious CEO’s and creatives, who are ambitious and heart driven. Supporting women to speed up their success rate, say what they want or are struggling with, (there is a hidden gift behind any challenge) and to deeply believe in their own power to achieve their ultimate success in health, wealth, business and love.


Even when I was completely out of my comfort zone and have been challenged, Eva guided me to see my potential and learn from my experiences. I used to be someone who was quite reactive and I have learnt to sit and apply a different approach that has assisted me in managing all areas of my life, including my relationships and business practices. Holley Banks.

I often felt invisible, believing others had business offerings better than mine. The biggest change I have noticed is that I stand in confidence in what I want to achieve and in my truth in how I am presenting at my innovative talks and workshops. Christina Gerakiteys

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