Dawn Priestley


Dawn is dedicated to helping multi-passionate people and those with career confusion figure out their strengths and share their gifts with the world. She helps them overcome fear, self-sabotage, and how to obtain work with purpose so they can love what they do every single day. Dawn is a creative soul who blossomed late in life and was only finally able to call herself an artist after the age of 40. Dawn also helps those in long-distance relationships; having been in one for 10 years herself she knows the undeniable joy and underlying anguish that comes with this kind of love.


Life, Career, Relationships, Creativity


You are on this planet for a reason. Your ideas, your voice, your strengths and passion matter. You are worthy of work with purpose that makes you happy every single day; and a relationship full of love and light.


Whitehorse, Canada


Dawn’s clients want to reclaim their unrealised or forgotten dreams but don’t know where to begin. They are ready to live with more strength, purpose and love. They know they need to change careers, but don’t know where to start. She also works with those in committed long-distance relationships who are struggling to be more content and embrace happiness as they wait to “close the distance”.


My circumstances had taken a dramatic turn and I realized that I had been trying to live someone else's life. Dawn believed in me when I couldn't. I was able to reconnect with myself and learn to meet my own emotional needs. I’m now back to being that happier version of myself. When I began coaching I was afraid to be as adventurous as I once was - the day after our coaching series ended I was off to Iceland on a photographic excursion! My experience coaching with Dawn was the best thing I could have done for myself. - Krystal Pyke

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