Danielle Knight

Danielle Knight


Danielle Knight is a Life and Soul Coach, Intentional Travel Expert, Speaker and free spirited wanderer on a mission to inspire, empower and build a community for the Dreamers, Creative Hearts and Gypsy Souls. With an 'outside the box' approach Danielle blazes her own path and loves to help others do the same. She knows happiness and success looks different for everyone, so through her 1:1 coaching packages, soulful events and retreats she helps people pursue life-changing experiences, connect to their inner power and build a life around what they love, on their own terms.


Life, Spirituality, Career


You're meant for magic, not mediocre so please don't settle! You have purpose, your dreams matter and they're within you because you're the one meant to bring them to life. Go play big, Wild One!


Brisbane, Australia


Danielle works with the men and women who know they want to do more than a 9-5 job that doesn't light them up. They're passionate and have something special to give but feel stuck and fearful, so she provides clarity and focus to help bring it to life. Danielle helps her clients believe in themselves and their dreams, unlock their potential and become they person they've always ( secretly ) wanted to be.


I’d recommend Danielle to anyone who feels they’ve lost their way and are frustrated. She can help you find yourself again. I now feel really in touch with myself, totally changed the direction of my business and got new clients straight away. - Sofie Von Marricks

I felt stuck trying to live up to an ideal I wasn’t sure I even wanted but was so confused by my inner chatter. I now truly listen to my inner wisdom and act on it. I’m living a life that before my series with Danielle, I didn’t think was possible. I feel free, creative and alive. - Danielle Branje

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