Christine Rose Elle

Christine Rose Elle


Christine Rose Elle is a life coach, writer, speaker, and BYCA CEO Shine Award co-recipient for 2015-16. She helps multi-passionate coaches and creatives to deepen their calling and area of mastery. She believes there's a soulful, alchemical magic that happens by facing and exploring the shadows of the psyche, and that by doing the deep work, clarity of purpose boldly emerges. She uses her version of creative alchemy to help her clients take what's happening in their inner world, and to create the outer world version they're meant to share.


Life, Business, Creativity


Los Angeles, United States


Christine works with women who know in their bones that they are meant to be of service to others by using their talents in a way that forms their own unique area of sacred mastery. Her clients thrive in quiet spaces with plenty of time for deep, soulful reflection. She uses her empathic approach to help people determine how their many passions converge to create their path of meaningful purpose.


“Christine helped me get to the core of my desires, hopes and goals and narrow down on where my passion and joy met with my talents beyond what I dreamed was possible.” - Julie S

“She coaches from such a loving place and pours into her clients like no one I know.” - Tamika M


There is magic in the unknown parts of your soul.

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