Chloe Wigan

Chloe Wigan


Chloe is a super passionate life coach and writer with a background in psychology. Her mission is to inspire incredible young humans to transcend what they think is possible for them. She picked up her first self-development book when she was 12, started practicing gratitude and meditating when she was 13, and has studied psychology at university for 3 years. Now, she coaches people who are seeking a life full of infinite possibilities.


Life, Young People (18-28)


There’s a spark in you. I see it. And I’m here to ignite it.


Melbourne, Australia


Chloe works with incredible young women who are so over playing small and holding themselves back from living an incredible life. They want to transcend what’s possible for them and are seeking a life full of infinite possibilities and limitless thinking.


“I cannot believe that in only 3 months you can change so much in your life when you have the divine support of a coach. Coaching with Chloe has empowered me to let go of who I thought I ‘should’ be and to reconnect with and embrace who I really am. I now have more self-belief and trust in myself, and I'm so grateful for Chloe’s support and her magic ability to hold space beautifully. I would describe my coaching experience with Chloe as empowering, uplifting and supported – it truly was a life-changing experience.” — Janelle Crawford

“Chloe was there for me at a time when I really needed someone and she supported and guided me on my journey of self-discovery. Now I am owning who I am and I’m more concerned about making myself happy rather than making others happy. This has helped me find out who I really am and what it is that I really enjoy. I would describe my coaching experience with Chloe as empowering, energising and supported.” — Lindsey Sinclair

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