Brittany Cochran


Brittany Cochran is a life coach, writer, speaker and self-proclaimed astrologer. With guidance from the stars, she helps women rediscover a life full of meaning and magic. Through her one on one coaching and birth chart interpretations, Brittany takes women who are feeling stuck, bored and unfulfilled and reawakens them to who they are and all the possibility that this life can hold.


Life, Spirituality, Career, Relationships, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Young People (18-28)


Cleveland, United States


Brittany work’s with young women who are ready to move past the feelings of restriction that come with being afraid to create the life they were designed to live. They know they are meant for something more and know they owe more to this life than what they are giving it. They are ready to bring their life back to life!


Brittany helped me assert my ideas into actions. She encouraged me to explore them rather than just sit on them, which helped me find my true callings. Brittany will continue to be a staple Coach in my life because of her positive and refreshing perspective! - Jody B

When we first connected I was struggling with my true purpose in life. After our first session, I realized that accomplishing my dreams may actually be possible. The biggest change I have seen in myself since our series is that I have no fear of failing and my determination is greater than before. I loved my coaching experience! - Courtney J.B


I believe in following the enchanting whispers that tell you there's more, more love to be had and shared, more life to be lived and more smiles to be worn. Life is more than waking up, looking around and wondering if this is all there is.

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