Bec Sands


Bec Sands is a career transformation coach, writer, and motivational speaker. She is passionate about helping corporate women elevate their careers to a new level, or change to an entirely new field. Prior to being a coach Bec climbed her way up the corporate ladder for a decade, working in the field of PR and corporate communications for global companies, and she loves helping smart, driven women overcome the blocks and obstacles they face in the workplace to elevate themselves to new levels of income, confidence and love for what they do.


Life, Career


Loving what you do, and making a great income while doing it, is entirely possible - you just have to learn to feel deep within yourself that you are confident and worthy, and take the right action steps to get there.


Sydney, Australia


Bec works with corporate women who feel stuck and unfulfilled in the workplace, and who know that they are destined for much more - they just aren't quite sure yet what that is or how to get there. She helps her clients to discover what they want to achieve, and to feel fired up with creativity and passion towards it.


“I had reached a crossroad in my career. I was struggling to find the motivation to take the next step as I was unsure of which direction to pursue. Defining achievable goals was made so much easier with insightful advice and supportive guidance throughout my sessions with Bec.” - Michelle Proctor

“Bec is an incredibly inspiring coach. During our series together, she helped me identify and achieve my goals using strategies that simplified even the most daunting tasks. Bec’s influence helped to guide and support me to realise my goals.” - Jasmine Lewis

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