Anna Locke


Anna is a life coach for ambitious women and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to listen to their hearts, align with their full potential, and create a life that lights them up. Through her 1:1 coaching she helps women gain clarity around their priorities and vision, reconnect with their creativity, and courageously rise into their power from a place of authenticity so they can elevate the impact they’re making on the world.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Creativity


Life is short and you were created for a purpose, so stop hiding from the dreams that are pulling on your heart. It IS possible to have everything you want, and it all starts with making the decision to go for it!


Chicago, United States


Anna helps high-achieving women ditch perfectionism, dissolve fear, and escape the hustle to find the sweet spot between their ambition and creativity. Through setting healthy boundaries and taking ownership of their story, values, and desires, they’re able to create a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.


My entire life has shifted permanently. I have learned to slow down, unplug, and set healthy habits to allow me to feel present and happy. I have more balance in my life now rather than coasting through with stress and guilt. I can’t say I have ever felt this as peace before. I have a new outlook and it is ALL thanks to you. - Jess Dukes

I used to let people walk all over me & avoided confrontation like the plague. Now, I am standing up for myself. I’ve noticed a shift in my business. I have more confidence, I developed boundaries, and prioritized my family time. Even my husband has noticed that I am happier & more positive! - Lacey Nelson

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