Amy Taylor-Kabbaz


Amy Taylor-Kabbaz is a Mama who knows what juggling is ALL about. After more than a decade covering breaking news for ABC radio, her 'traditional' career took an unexpected turn after the birth of her first daughter.

When Amy found herself lost, overwhelmed and diagnosed with a thyroid condition, she decided to use her years of research skills to find out everything she could about looking after herself as a new Mum. Seven years later, and two more babies, Amy now helps other Mamas reconnect to themselves again through mindfulness, meditation and self-care.


Life, Health, Wellness and Self-Care, Spirituality, Relationships


Being a Mama doesn’t mean you have to put yourself on hold. It doesn’t mean your days have to be filled with the same old routines, stuck in your thoughts and feeling totally lost. After years of exploring the very best ways to start to feel better about this time in your life, I know how to help other Mamas break free from this struggle-cycle, and not only start to enjoy being a parent again, but also connect with a deeper, wiser and more connected woman. Because when we give birth, we also give birth to a whole new woman. I can help you find her.


Sydney, Australia


Amy works with new and not-so-new Mamas who are feeling lost, overwhelmed and disconnected from themselves. Through heartfelt support and guidance, she specialises in helping women overcome guilt and self-criticism, start to embrace self-care and mindfulness, and find ways to puttheir own dreams and desires first while still raising their families.


“Before I started coaching, I was lost, in a total mess, and completely out of control. I was sad and had no spark left. After three months with Amy, I am more at ease with what happens in my day. I can deal better with things. I cope better and my attitude is sooooo much more positive. My eyes have been opened to mindfulness and gratitude, which has helped me with my kids and my marriage.” - Louise

“When I started coaching with Amy, my third and last child had just turned one and I felt that I was ready to take the next step in my life that wasn’t 100% revolving around the all-encompassing pregnancy/newborn/first year time. And I just loved from day one how safe I felt to be totally honest and not having to pretend to be anything different than my true self. It was hard to confront my old, stale thought patterns and beliefs but I feel as though a lot of my internal walls were brought lovingly down with her advice and support. Amy has helped me to love myself again, and my family are benefitting from me being so much happier.” – Rebecca

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