Amanda Rootsey


Mentioned as a 'game-changer' in The Collective magazine, Amanda Rootsey is a gentle-living coach and youth mentor. She spent her early twenties as a 'people-pleasing' workaholic, modelling all over the world, before being diagnosed with cancer at 24.

Now she knows there's a better way. We have to have fun and achieve our goals, sure. But we can do it gently. Kindly. Calmly. Amanda helps women gain clarity and achieve soulful goals gently - and she also mentors teen girls to shine their light in the world through her holistic training school, Shine From Within.


Life, Career, Young People


Sunshine Coast, Australia


I work with two very different types of people. Women feeling stressed out and cluttered in their mind and life, ready for a gentle approach to feel at peace again and teen girls looking for support to build their self-esteem and confidence through mentoring and coaching.


"Thank you so much Amanda for your patience, persistence, compassion and positive energy. I started gentle-living coaching to get some control back in my life and discover what was important to me. Looking back, I really got so much out of it on so many levels. I would certainly recommend it - its a life changer." Jacky Walker 

"You have topped up her confidence right at a time when she will need to stay strong with the new school year. Thank you." Leah (Mum of teen girl) "Thank you so much. I've really learnt a lot about myself and respecting my body. I can't thank you enough. " Jess (teen girl)


It shouldn't take being diagnosed with cancer to realise how precious life is and start to live it consciously. You deserve to feel like you're contributing to the world in a way that's aligned with your values and feels gentle and graceful. You deserve to shine from within.

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