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Listening as a Life Coach

July 9th, 2014 | 6 comments

Often as life coaches we can become incredibly concerned with a lot of things out of our control.  Things such as… “I hope she likes me.” “Does he think I’m doing it right?” “Are they going to achieve their goals?” “What if they ask for a refund?” Our inner chatter and ego can start to have it’s own dance party inside our head, sending us down worrisome pathways that can not only shake our confidence and abilities as a coach, but drive a connection wedge between us and our clients.  We can easily become fixated on things in the coaching relationship that we think are going to make things better and more meaningful for our clients, when in fact it detracts from them.  And sometimes I also think we become fixated on the latest trend or way of working, because we think that maybe ‘that’s the way’ things will really start to…