Hi Beautiful You!

Thank you for your interest in sharing your talents, skills and gifts with us here at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. We are always on the look out for amazing people – especially coaches and other entrepreneurs – to share their work with us in a way that has a meaningful impact to everyone we come in contact with.

That can include our Beautiful You Life Coaching Course Trainees, Certified Coaches, and special people who are a part of the inspired COACH Collective.

If you have a particular area of skill, knowledge or know-how that you want to be considered to share with us – please fill out the form below.  Maybe you are an Instagram Queen! Know how to knock Facebook ads out the park! Can dive in to SEO like a boss, coach a particular type of clientele or are in a really unique niche. Please tick all of the potential areas you might like to share your work with us noting that while we fully honour your own personal journey we are not interested in interviews of this kind.  Only where you have a specific, actionable skill set and area of expertise that can be shared with coaches.  Think from the perspective of being either able to tangibly give advice, tips and support to coaches on how they can build their business or how they can improve their coaching skills to work better with clients.

We invite you to tick the box in the below form for any of these areas that you meet the criteria for…

BYCA Faculty: This is for our life coaching course trainees and will be an audio interview conducted via Skype with CEO Julie Parker. It will be continuously shared for every course we run and you will be featured on our course page as a member of the BYCA Expert Team.

Certified Coaches: This is for a smaller and more intimate group of our most senior graduate coaches. It will involve a live question and answer teleconference lead by CEO Julie Parker asking you about your area of expertise and then opening up for live questions with these amazing coaches. The recording will be shared with any certified coach not able to be with us live and you will be promoted in that private FB group.

inspired COACH Collective: This is for our worldwide collective of coaches and entrepreneurs and will be a recorded audio interview with CEO Julie Parker on your area of expertise. It will then be shared with hundreds (growing into thousands) of collective members straight to their inbox. It will also be available to future ICC members who might not be with us at the time of your interview.

Speaker: We regularly book speakers for our live events, the audience of which is trainee and new coaches. Previous key note topics have included the importance of building business relationships, the imposter complex, feminine abundance, branding and marketing as a coach and becoming an author. We pay our speakers for these engagements and only engage people who are seasoned and professional speakers with a warm and engaging manner and strong track record of receiving thunderous applause from their audience.  Your stage prowess is going to need to be super obvious to us on your website OR your reputation precede you.

Please note that we do not financially compensate for interviews conducted. You will be joyfully promoted to an amazing tribe of heart centered coaches and entrepreneurs who may just be your ideal clients!

Finally, upon filling out this form if we are interested in you sharing your talent and skills with us – we will reach out to you. We request that you do not follow up with us as to when this may be as we may feel you are not quite a match for us, or simply that we may already have had an expert in your field share with us already.  Know that we really appreciate you reaching out no matter the outcome.

With Love,

Team Beautiful